Are you sitting on some dreams that you don’t know how to make real?

Are you at a cross-road in life, not sure which way to turn? 

Are you ready to move beyond your fears and limiting beliefs? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Harmony Agenda Coaching can help you.

Email or call 0400 757 367 for bookings. Payment plans are available.

Please note: Prices rise as of 1st April 2017


So why get a coach?

Coaching can benefit people from all walks and stages of life. Whether you are looking to change careers, enhance your relationships or achieve a greater work/life balance, a coach can be a valuable asset to help you on this journey.

Holistic or personal coaching can help you:

  • set goals and support you in achieving them
  • improve your relationships, health and finances
  • develop your career
  • achieve greater quality of life
  • overcome fears and bad habits

Accountability coaching can help you:

  • overcome procrastination
  • improve time-management
  • follow through with plans
  • complete tasks when you’re feeling ‘stuck’
  • achieve your goals