I’m a coach, speaker and trainer specialising in wellness for the 21st century working woman. I’m a self-care expert on a mission to changed women’s lives for the better. I am passionate about health and well-being, personal finance, happiness, work-life balance, productivity, relationships, personal growth, learning, self-love and acceptance, spirituality, café breakfasts and my cat Crinkle.


How did I become all of the above? In no particular order, over the last 10 years: I got a university degree and a further 2 qualifications, experienced an episode of major depression, travelled the world (well, parts of it!), battled heaps of viruses, loved my family and our pets to bits, learnt to be grateful, learnt two languages, had some toxic relationships (romantic and otherwise), moved all over the state, deepened cherished friendships, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, fell in love and eventually married a lovely man who actively loves me back, played and listened to a lot of music, walked with depression a couple more times, began my teaching career, got into debt, had 5 operations, became permanently hypothyroid, struggled with full time work, worked myself sick repeatedly, paid off a lot of (but not all) my debt and climbed Mount Fuji! You can probably see why I am now quite passionate about health and wellness.


I have had more than my fair share of health challenges, both physical          and mental. Unfortunately, some of these were self-inflicted because I  was not listening to my body, I was working way too hard and I was  living my life by other people’s agenda for me, instead of my own. Through my experience with physical and mental illness over the last decade I have learnt to listen to, trust and respect my body. I have learnt that the modern world doesn’t have time for you to be sick or slow down. I have learnt that it is really expensive to be sick and it is expensive to get and stay well, but not as expensive as not caring about health at all. I have learnt that time really is money and that sometimes money isn’t worth the sacrifice of time you will never get back. I have learnt that there are no instant fixes and the price of well-being is diligence and discipline self-care…which is really, really difficult!


And now it’s my turn to give back. I can share all of these things I have learnt over the last decade, all the mistakes I’ve made and all the strategies I’ve learnt for success. I teach women strategies so they can prioritise their health and happiness, create harmony in their lives and live by their own agenda. Through transformational coaching, I guide women to overcome their emotional blocks to self-care and success.