The New Harmony Agenda

When I started this blog in January 2014, I wrote a post called The Harmony Agenda, explaining what it meant to me and why I chose that name for the blog. It was mostly about choosing the agenda for my life, as opposed to following the paths and goals other people had set for me. The harmony part was about the way the many different facets of life (work, health, family, love, money, hobbies, etc) can come together to create a harmonious whole. It was also a play on words because at the time I was working as a music teacher so I liked that it alluded to that part of my life and the importance of music, and over the years my mind has extended upon the harmony metaphor in many ways that I never ended up writing about here. I plan to change that in the coming months, if only so that I have actually gotten those ideas out of my head and onto the page.

I’m writing this at 9.50am on a Monday morning from my living room table, after having been for a long walk at my favourite park, listening to one of my favourite podcasts, stopping at the shops on the way home and putting a chook in the oven to roast. It will be ready when Stuart comes home for lunch, and then we can start the week with leftovers ready to go, which is part of my current agenda for getting my health back on track.

It’s the most productive morning I’ve had in a while, and also the most well I’ve felt in about a month too. On Saturday I posted on The Harmony Agenda Facebook page that I’ve been feeling fairly unwell for about a month, but went to get my blood work checked on Friday to find out what my thyroid and other hormones are doing, to rule that out. In the last month I’ve also had a cold virus that seemed to take forever to fully shake, and have been eating really poorly, and not exercising much. Anxiety has also been more and more present lately, and I have dramatically changed my social media habits to try to combat that, and the impact it was having on my sleep. I’ve also been pulling out of things I’d signed up for and cancelling things I’d promised to do in my Self-Care for Teachers business because I just don’t have the emotional or physical energy.

I’m feeling a strong urge to hibernate, retreat, go within and reset. So this morning is kind of the beginning of that. It’s also the first day of the new moon cycle, which I feel is a bit symbolic and a lovely new beginning.

I’m writing this before I’ve checked any social media for the morning, which is part of the new harmony agenda. I went to the Toowoomba Writer’s Fest on Saturday and the urge I’ve been feeling all year about how much I need and want to write more regularly just for myself and for The Harmony Agenda was reignited. Then somewhere over the weekend I heard mentioned on a podcast something called The #500words Project, where you write 500 words of any kind before you check social media in the morning.

I thought it sounded like a perfect idea, and a perfect time to start it given my recent change in social media habits anyway. So it feels like everything has come together for me quite well at the moment and it’s finally time to start the new harmony agenda for my life and actually share it with you.

Don’t waste the opportunity of a good crisis

My Mum said this to me the other day when we were talking and I was telling her how physically and emotionally exhausted and mixed up I’d been feeling lately, and how that was sparking some changes in my direction which were quite exciting. Clarity has been coming thick and fast. I wouldn’t really say I’ve been in complete crisis—it doesn’t feel nearly that dramatic or dangerous and I don’t want to belittle true crises—but the sentiment of using this low point as fuel really rings true.

So, in no particular order, the following are the different aspects of the new harmony agenda that I intend to cover as topics for The Harmony Agenda blog, and that are already pretty big parts of my life.

  • Extreme self-care
  • Creating
  • Curating, learning, teaching, sharing
  • Money, business, personal finance
  • Fun, Ease, Rest, Flow
  • Cycles, Rhythms and Rituals
  • Decluttering, clearing and healing
  • Collaborating, Connecting, Directing, Producing, Conducting cool and interesting and useful things
  • Work/Life Harmony and Melody
  • Connection with myself and with others, relationships and family, intra- and interpersonal dynamics
  • Giving back and dreaming for others (inspired by Naomi Arnold and her beautiful Dream for Others Podcast)

So expect more about all of these individual topics in the weeks to come. If I explained them all here and now the post would go forever and I’d not get any work done today. I’m planning to build a daily habit of writing so all will be explained in due course.

Now, I think I’ve earned my first Facebook fix of the day… 😉

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