Self-care Spring and Body Boosting

So 2 months ago I wrote a post about my intention to make September all about self-care. I did that, and then checked out of the blog for a while, which was part of my process for managing all the things going on in my life and maintaining my equilibrium. But even though I wasn’t blogging, IΒ was self-caring. And it has been going so well for me that I decided to extend the even to encompass all of Spring!

As part of this, two weekends ago I invested in myself and attended a workshop on the Sunshine Coast run by one of my favourite podcasters, Kim Morrison at her beautiful new Twenty8 premises. It was absolutely fabulous and I so enjoyed learning more about self-care from Kim, about nutrition from Sarah Clarke of Natural Earth Health Products, and connecting with the many like-minded people also in attendance.

I plan to do a review of all the things I learnt at this workshop in an upcoming blog, but tonight I just want to celebrate because I received my Twenty8 order in the mail today. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived! I only ordered on Wednesday night, and this morning there was a little post-office parcel slip in the mail box. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping all my beautifully wrapped and scented gifts!

Beautiful Twenty8 Products

I am so happy and cannot wait to pamper myself with these beautiful self-care products. They are all natural and ethically produced, so I know I am not putting anything nasty onto my skin, which is very important to me right now. They smell absolutely divine, so it feels like such a treat just holding them and breathing the fragrances in. And the best part? They support me in my self-care journey and help me prioritise nurturing my body every day.

Kim Morrison developed these products and teaches people about self-care processes that help support them in their busy lives. One of these practices is called a daily body boost. Using a carrier oil and a couple of drops of essential oil (plus the magnesium spray if you are lucky enough to have some) the idea is that when you get out of the shower, you rub the deliciously scented oil all over your body while practicing good self talk and repeating positive affirmations. These can be about the mind, body or soul — whatever works best for you or whatever you most need to hear.

Kim says she hasn’t missed a day of body boosting in over 28 years, which is just amazing. I only started a few weeks ago and I have already missed a couple of days, but that’s ok. I have started and I have been doing it regularly and I LOVE it! Already I feel that it has helped me. So thank-you, Kim Morrison, for your wonderful products and beautiful example of how to take care of yourself. I plan to continue to body boost throughout this Self-Care Spring, and probably into Self-Care Summer as well!

Now over to you: what are you doing to support and nurture yourself during Self-Care Spring?

Start again and be grateful!

So, long time no blog posts. Again! Lately my blog has just been at the bottom of the to-do list once again. And this time, I’m not even going to think about mentally beating myself up for that. It’s cool. It’s what needed to happen. There has been A LOT of change in my life since the last post about self-care, and ironically part of my self-care routine this last 6 weeks has been to not stress about blogging and not put too much pressure on myself to progress in my coaching journey too quickly.

A brief update: I got engaged to my wonderful partner Stuart (yay!), started writing a music teaching book and this week we bought a house! On top of that, there has been holidays, work, study, wedding planning and some more health stuff going on. So it’s been quite busy and I haven’t been placing too much pressure on myself because I know that looking after myself, especially allowing time to rest and relax, is the most important thing and is what allows me to get all those other important and urgent jobs done.

This weekend has been pretty amazing and inspiring. I have been reading a lot, coaching and being coached, doing some big life planning with the love of my life about our future and some business planning with my bestie and business coach Maddi. Like I said, this week Stuart and I bought a house (ok, so we are in the process of finalising it…it hasn’t actually all happened yet, but we’re well on the way) and this has really forced us to sit down and get focused on our future in a more detailed way than ever before. We had our first ever formal ‘money date’ this morning, and it was wonderful. More on this in a future blog. Even more exciting is that yesterday Maddi and I began putting steps in place to make our podcast happen. Actually, we recorded two pilot episodes. These may never go to air, but it is the first step and we are both very excited about it. I will definitely keep you updated about this in weeks to come. Hopefully we will launch the podcast by Christmas! Exciting!

So I had been meaning to update the blog all week because there have been a lot of exciting learnings for me this month. What really kick started me getting back into it was a post I read this morning on Naomi Arnold’s site Project Healthy Happy Me. In light of the fun Maddi and I had yesterday recording our podcasts and talking about gratitude and with the encouragement I got from Naomi’s blog post, I decided to start again with my blogging routine and write a little list of all the things I am grateful for this week! πŸ™‚ So here it is:

1. My wonderful fiancΓ© Stuart. He lights up my life and I am so excited about our future together.

2. The knowledge I have. This includes self-knowledge as well as various content specific knowledge. Knowledge is power and it’s so great to acknowledge and feel the sense of empowerment that comes with all forms of knowledge, but especially self-knowledge.

3. Coaching! It’s related to point 2, but I am so grateful for the insights and empowerment I receive from having a coach (or 3!). Yesterday I had a coaching session as the client and it was just fantastic. One of my coaches, Vanessa from Three Sixty Coaching, has helped me feel so empowered and determined to create the life I want. It’s all happening and she has really helped me with it. I also love being a coach and paying it forward to help others create the life they want.

4. Still related, but access to information and resources is a huge gratitude item for me. There are so many incredibly knowledgable people out three. Some of them I am privileged to know and learn from directly, and some I only know indirectly and learn from through their products (books, blogs, podcasts etc). But either way, I love learning and I love having the access to info that the internet provides.

5. My super team of encouragers and inspirers. This primarily includes my sister Naomi and a number of girl friends, including Maddi. Like I said, she and I are about to launch a podcast about life and business and relationships and health and we are very excited. Maddi has two businesses, one as a business coach and consultant and a side project at Cheeky Whispers. Check her our, she’s rad πŸ™‚

6. ABC DigJazz! We have had this playing in our house all morning and it is just so soothing and calming and a perfect back-drop to grown-up conversations about life, money and the future!

7. Flowers! There are fresh roses in a vase next to me that are just SO fragrant. I got them from our garden on Friday. Gorgeous! Jacarandas and silky oaks are in bloom here, as well as all the other beautiful spring blooms. So happy, so inspiring πŸ™‚

8. A tidy house. I am so much more productive when my environment is un-cluttered. I feel like there is always more to do in the de-clutter area but a tidy house is enough for me for now πŸ™‚ With an upcoming move I am sure we will again do the cull of our possessions, and I actually can’t wait!

9. A cool drink on a hot day. There’s a bit of a heat wave going on at the moment, and I am so grateful for the tinkling of ice in my glass that keeps my drink cool next to me. Such a simple thing but so refreshing πŸ™‚

10. Being excited about the future. I feel so lucky to have so many things to look forward to in coming months, including moving into our very own home, getting married, going on a honeymoon, launching a podcast, publishing a book (probably self-published, but hey, it counts!) and continuing to learn and grow. I am very grateful for the great things coming up, and for the perspective that any challenges I’m currently dealing with are also opportunities to grow. Yay!


That’s it from me today, but watch this space for more frequent updates soon πŸ™‚


Grace and peace, y’all!


Ellen x